Your shoulder is distracting


The new dress code at Belvidere North

Cassiana Pozzi, Entertainment Editor

     Another school year has started and more rules have been added to the dress code.

     The rules added have been particularly addressing the clothing that girls wear at North. For example, many female students have been stopped and asked to change their jeans for having holes above the knees. Many students disagree with this rule for what we wear shouldn’t affect anyone’s learning. And the dress code isn’t just a problem in this school, the middle school and many other high schools in the country have had similar issues with their dress codes.

Students affected most are the females because the new rules apply to them not being able to wear short shorts, skirts, and dresses. Even when the clothing is an appropriate length, they risk being told to change.

     Although that can be reasonable in some situations, there is a new rule regarding the visibility of shoulders. It’s as if a girl’s shoulders could actually distract every guy in a classroom. Rips on jeans and revealing shoulders make the girls at our school hide from hall monitors and administration. Girl students shouldn’t have to hide from teachers so that they don’t face penalty.

     With popular clothing stores selling more revealing clothing, some people find it harder to shop just for school. Some girls have to worry about what they buy in order to fit our school’s dress code. With new styles such as overly-ripped jeans and exposed shoulder shirts, girl students would have to avoid those racks completely or save the clothing for the weekend. The dress code cuts out all creativity in terms of what we wear. Students are taught that what they wear distracts people in a class setting, which is almost never the case. It’s restricting to know that what some people wear to school is prohibited for the sole purpose that “too much is showing”. Even if it’s a shoulder or just above the knee, it is prohibited and against the school rules. It’s understandable not being able to wear jeans that are ripped all the way up to the belt loops, but when there is a few rips right above the knee and we are told to change, what does that teach us? High school is where we come to learn skills that we will need in the future but when a student is taken out of class just so that he or she can change what they are wearing, we lose that sense of feeling like adults. It’s also important to focus on the fact that some students completely avoid a certain hallway just so that they won’t get called out on wearing something that isn’t “appropriate for school”.

     Most students at Belvidere North understand what’s right and wrong in terms of clothing but there are some students who don’t, that is why the dress code is in place. But no it feels as though the simplest articles of clothing can be seen as inappropriate no matter what. Students shouldn’t have to be told to change because their should is showing, that can take away from class time. And not only that, but female students are being taught that what they wear sexualizes them, which it doesn’t. Students make jokes about covering their shoulders because it’s “too revealing”. In what sense is having a shirt that shows one’s shoulder sexual? We understand that the tank-tops with a quarter inch straps are not allowed but sweaters or long sleeved shirts with a cut out at the shoulder? Those are inappropriate?

     Some students faces the ridicule of administrators regarding a questionable piece of clothing, and if you think you will, it’s a goal not getting caught. The dress code loses it’s purpose when the main rules focus on a few rips above the knee and exposed shoulders.