Powder Puff


Bella Kehrer, Reporter

     Powder Puff is an annual event that is held during homecoming week, it let’s the girls at school show their inner athleticism and play football.  Although, the rules over the years have changed, and recently the event has become a no contact sport, everyone still comes out and has a good time.

     Last year the sophomores beat the freshman, and the junior, senior game ended in much controversy.

     The game ended in a tie, the senior class has never lost a powder puff game, but this year might be the end of that tradition.

     The junior class is very pumped up and has high hopes for winning the game this year.  Junior, Kylie Johnson, who was kicked out of the powder puff game last year is returning and is ready to win, she is the starting quarterback.

     “I’m super excited for this year. We have a good chance of winning and we aren’t going down without a fight,” said Kylie Johnson (‘18).

     The senior class on the other hand is also ready to win. After beating the juniors during their sophomore year, they want to win again.

     “We are really excited, we think it’ll be a really competitive game and we’re ready to give it our all for senior year,” said Emily Kaempfer (‘17).

     “I’m so ready to play this year, last year I couldn’t play  because I was sick. I hope we win this year, the seniors never lose,” said Abbie Becker (‘17).

     The freshman, sophomore game also will be very competitive this year. Last year the sophomore class lost to the junior class. The sophomore girls have a really strong team. This year they have a group of over 40 girls. They have a lot of strong players including Bre Kirane. Kirane is a returner and a key aspect of their team. The sophomore girls are expected to beat the freshman this year, but can the freshman turn around and beat the sophomores?

     “We are super pumped for the game this year,” said Kirane.

    Overall, this year’s powder puff games will be very intense and the girls are all going for a W.