The Presidential election and its usual drama


The Trump vs. Clinton battle continues.

Garrett Nelson, Reporter

      The Presidential race has been one of the craziest in recent history. With one of the most uncensored candidates in the history of the United States going up against someone that a large number of people don’t have trust in. The candidates, of course, are entrepreneur and multi-billionaire, Donald Trump and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

     These two candidates have been after each other from the very start of the race. With Donald going after Hillary for the email scandal that has plagued her entire campaign and Hillary going after Donald for his lack of transparency on different issues and his lack of a filter.

     Donald Trump has said remarks that have been so outlandish and offensive that people have claimed that it would be the end of his popularity and the end of his campaign. But every time he comes out with a crazy statements he gets more and more support from far right conservatives.

     More so recently, Trump has softened some positions that he made earlier in his campaign. The rough edges that had pushed some away he has rounded out and changed the public’s view on him. This is also helped with the distrust of Hillary and the discontempt that has been shown repeatedly of the current administration. This discontempt has pushed many to want someone other than Hillary’s Democratic agenda.

     With all of the different views and strong remarks that have been made against each other, the first debate will be an interesting one to watch. It could also prove to sway a lot of voters one way or the other.