Movies of the 80’s


The Breakfast Club is still a popular movie today.

Cindy Oyervides, reporter

     Back in the 80’s, many movies were released that became very popular very fast. These movies have remained very popular all these years and many people still watch and enjoy them. There are a few that are more well known than others but movies from the 80’s have remained very iconic to this day.

     The first movie that many people have seen and still enjoy is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This movie was released in 1986 and made over 70.1 million dollars. All throughout the school year, Ferris cuts class and manages to get away with it; he hopes to make one last cut before his high school career is over. He calls in sick, spends his entire day out having fun, and his principal is determined to catch him. A lot of people really enjoyed this movie and would even recommend it to others.

     Another very popular movie released in the 80’s is The Breakfast Club. The movie is about a group of students that have detention. At the beginning of The Breakfast Club, the students don’t seem to have any interest whatsoever in any of the others but by the end, they grow closer and learn a lot about each other. The movie appealed to many and made over 51.1 million dollars.

    The Shining was also released in the 80’s and is a horror film that is still very much loved; it’s based off of the book by Stephen King. Over time, the movie has managed to make over 44.4 million dollars. In The Shining, Jack Torrance takes up a new job in Colorado and brings his family along. They stay in a hotel that has many dark secrets that they discover after time passes. The Torrance’s are supposed to remain there all through the winter and things take an unexpected turn. Suspense in a constant feeling all throughout the movie but the end is where it occurs most.

     All of these movie are classic’s of various genres that are still watched and enjoyed today. Each has a different story line along with different themes. Box office numbers for many classic movies tends to be pretty high because they haven’t been forgotten about. With all of the classic movies, these three are just a taste of what classic 80’s movies are like.