ISIS mall stabbing being investigated


Cop cars gather around the ISIS stabbing.

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

      ISIS, as many know, is a newer terrorist group who has been striking fear into almost every person around the world.  Before ISIS, the most common terrorists group was Al Qaeda.  Al Qaeda’s most famous attack was the attacks of 9/11.  

      As for ISIS, their most famous attack as of now is terror attacks in Paris on Nov. of 2015.  During this attack, bombs had been placed around different parts of Paris.  There were at least 130 people confirmed dead due to these attacks.

      ISIS recently had another attack at a mall in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.  It all happened on Sept. 17th.  

      A man who had pledged his life entered the mall around eight o’clock PM.  On video tapes, he was acting normal until he went up to one mall consumer and asked if they were a Muslim.  When the consumer said that they were not a Muslim, something snapped.  He pulled out a knife that was hidden and started going on a stabbing spree.  

      The whole spree went on for almost five minutes.  A total of four people were stabbed.  Three of the people were treated and taken care of.  The fourth victim was hospitalized with life threatening injuries.  

      Though there were no deaths from this ISIS attack, it still struck fear into the lives of millions of people all around the world.  

      Shortly after the attacks, ISIS took credit from the man who went on the stabbing rampage. The specific details are still being investigated.