What to do after homecoming


Camille Spencer and Samantha Erb

Homecoming is a big night for a lot of students. Even after homecoming,  many students have more plans. Homecoming is Saturday, Oct. 1 from 7-10 and for some hours after, and even the day after festivities continue taking place. Tahiya Young (‘18) shares her plans for after homecoming.

      “ I am getting a hotel with my friends Camille Spencer(‘19), Brittney Rodriguez (‘18), Hannah Knaup(‘18), Saharra Burg(‘18), Marranda Bogardus(‘18),” said Young.

     The day after homecoming, many students are attending Fright Fest which is an event that is held at Six Flags, Great America during the fall. People dress up, visit haunted houses and of course, ride roller coasters.

“ Fright Fest is an amazing event that is very scary for people like myself, especially because you get scared every five seconds,” said Leslie Ruiz (‘17).

      Along with going to hotels and attending Fright Fest at six flags, some students  plan on going to different parties after homecoming. A majority of students have said that they are throwing or going to a party after the dance.

“Instead of going to parties, my friends and I prefer to get ice cream at Culver’s since we  work up our appetites after dancing for three hours,” said Hunter Vinke (‘19).

     Other students are planning on going out to eat to other places as well. Numerous people have talked about going to nicer restaurants such as Olive Garden, Giovanni’s and Francesco’s. Other people are just thinking about going to a simple fast food place like Mcdonalds, Taco Bell,  Tom and Jerry’s and Pizza Hut.

     All in all, it seems like all of the students that are going to attend homecoming are going to have their schedules filled for the night. Homecoming is  one of the busiest, most time consuming events during the beginning of school year. Everyone has plans before and after homecoming and it seems like they’re all excited for this year’s dance. It is a great time of year for students to go out and have a good time with their friends.