Samsung recalls another device


A phone that experienced troubles.

Andres Hernandez, Reporter

     On September 2, Samsung officially ordered a voluntary recall of all Note 7 devices.

     Soon after the new Samsung device was released there were reports of batteries easily overheating. The phone’s batteries overheated to the point that they exploded and set on fire. It is unclear exactly how many phones have been affected, however the issue will be sure the be a big blow to the hugely popular smartphone manufacturer.

     Earlier in the year Samsung had reported that demand for the Galaxy Note was exceeding expectations and creating a supply shortage for the amount of available phones. The year before, sales for the S6 had a disappointing amount of sales and investors fear that this year will be a repeat of the last due to the Note 7’s reputation. Vice President of IT & Mobile Samsung Electronics commented on the popularity of the phone earlier in the year.

     “As the success of our Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and Gear VR illustrated earlier this year, we know there is high demand for our premium smartphone. Market Reaction, combined with extremely positive feedback from our carrier and retail partners, indicates that the Note 7 will exceed our original sales forecast for the region by some distance,” said Conor Pierce.

     The new features that the Vice President remarked on were the phone’s ability to scan an eyeball with a built-in iris scanner which identifies somebody’s eyeball with a quick glance. Samsung says the feature will allow people to log into apps and programs without needing to enter a four digit code. This new feature originally attracted many consumers, however with the Note 7 combusting easily sales are expected to drop.