Belvidere massage parlor busted


Burke Cochran, Reporter

  Belvidere has long been known as a family-oriented town, with friendly restaurants and parks great for a family experience.

     This is why many residents were shocked to find out that all four of the massage parlors in Belvidere were shut down by a stateline investigation. This led to the indefinite closing of the four parlors as well as fourteen arrests. Current investigation is still discovering new details, but as of now there are suspicions of prostitution and promotion of prostitution, soliciting sex acts for money, and violating the massage licensing act.

     Police suspect more arrests and further violations to be revealed; however, they aren’t yet sure that these crimes involve human trafficking.

    Belvidere Police have received a number of complaints from the community they simultaneously executed search warrants at C’est La Vie Health Spa & Modeling, Spa Tui-Na, Executive Relaxation Station, and Royal Oriental Massage.

    One student, Estelle Brady (‘19), shared her experience with one of the parlors, the Executive Relaxation Station.

    “My sister and I were curious because of the rumors that they had prostitutes in there, so we decided to go inside and check it out for ourselves. When we tried to get in the shopkeepers closed the blinds and would not allow us to go inside. This was a few years ago, so we were a little younger and weren’t sure how to handle it. We ended up just calling the cops – they didn’t seem too surprised but also didn’t take us very seriously because I was twelve,” says Brady.

    This all comes after last month’s busts in Loves Park, where two other massage parlors were shut down for similar charges.

    The atmosphere in downtown Belvidere has changed from what it once was as a family friendly area. Residents hope that the town will be able overcome these new obstacles.