Halloween is here, and haunted houses are ready to scare you

Basement of the Dead

Basement of the Dead

Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

     With Halloween right around the corner everyone is looking to get a scare in. There are five haunted houses that are rated as ‘Most viewed ‘ on www.hauntworld.com, within 100 miles of Belvidere/Rockford.

    Basement of the Dead is located in Aurora, Il. The Basement of the Dead was voted #1 Haunted House in Chicago Land Area in 2013 (Chicago Tribune). The Basement of the Dead, was a workplace where engineers went to work until one day in 1964 when the boiler exploded. Nobody returned to work and the building was then made into a haunted house years later. The Basement of Death is open on weekends till November 5 and is having a special event on the 5th, tickets start at $24.99.

    Crest Hill, Il, brings the Stateville Prison as the second most viewed haunted house. Based off of 80 ratings, the haunted prison gets a rate of 9.65/10 on HauntWorld. This haunted prison is open on Fridays, and Saturdays from 7-11PM. General admission is $30, and the prison is full of escaped prisoners and evil guards that are begging to scare you.

   The Dungeon of Doom is filled with lurking ghouls, deranged clowns and the shambling undead. Tickets starting at just $25 for 60 minutes of scares. The Dungeon of Doom is located in Zion, Il, and has a 9.35/10 rating. Dungeon of Doom is open every weekend until November 5.

   In Chicago there is a 13 floor haunted house, this haunted house is part of the biggest haunted house organization in the world. The 13th Floor employees do anything to get a scare out of someone. They are open almost everyday in October and also close on November 5. Tickets start at $19.99.

    The Baldwin Asylum is located in Rantoul, Il, and is rated an 8/10 on Hauntworld. It also was rated as one of the best haunted houses in Illinois. The asylum is open till November 1 and tickets start at $15. A reviewer on Hauntworld said, “It was so scary, and everyone was dressed up in such great costumes.”

    In Belvidere, Il there is the Karnival of Karnage. Admission is $13 and they are open till October 29th.

     In Rockford, Il, there are a few haunted houses, one being the Twisted Crypt. The Twisted Crypt is open till October 31st and is only $12 to get in. There are eight live showrooms full of noises, smells, and much more. Another haunted house in Rockford is the Trail of Screams, admission is $20.

   Since Halloween is approaching and Rockford/Belvidere doesn’t have the best haunted houses, here is a top five list of the best haunted houses within 100 miles of home.