Halloween costumes aren’t just for kids


Samantha Erb and

      When October comes around people start thinking about what they want to be for Halloween. Buying costumes is easy but it’s finding one that is hard. Many places sell costumes, such as Target, Walmart, Shopko Party City, and many more. Costumes are a fun and inviting way to be involved for Halloween.

      A fun idea would becoming a girl from the movie Grease.This would be a fun idea becuase you could dress like you were in a different era than what we are actually in. At Party City it would cost about $35. Being a princess like Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, Anna, and Elsa. Those all are around the same price between $30-$40.

       When you are a teenager, trick or treating isn’t really the cool thing,dressing up and going to a party is. Even at a party you still dress up, so you are still going to need a costume. Getting candy or even passing out candy you can still dress up.

    Police officer, firefighter, doctor, farmer, minion, pumpkin, and many more. These are just a few of the many things you could dress up as on Halloween. Being involved is much more fun and it actually is really cool. Even adults still sometimes dress up.

     The most popular costumes for 2016 teenagers are things like batwoman, batgirl,teenage mutant ninja turtles, ghostbusters, unicorn, vampire and deadpool. Some more typical halloween costumes are the witch, scarecrow, ghost, clown, Skeleton, Frankenstein, werewolf, zombie, pirate, native american, angel and Peter Pan. Cheap or diy way to make a costumes would be dora take a pink shirt and a random pair of orange shorts with white shoes and yellow socks and a purple bag. Devil with some horns and all red outfit. To be a ghost you could take a white sheet and cut holes to see and a mouth hole to breath.

    Scarier costumes to have are Ghostface from the Movies by Wes Craven, Michael Myers, Jason,Freddy Krueger, the doll Chucky, IT clown, Saw, and the bride of Chucky. Plus many more good, bad, scary, and the ugly costumes are all able to be worn on this special night of the year.