Vine is dead, let’s watch Youtube


You Tuber Jenna Marbles

Cindy Oyervides, Reporter


     Youtube was created on February 14, 2005, and has grown drastically since then. People from all over the world have contributed to it’s growth and success, uploading different types of content for people to see. From the beginning of this sites journey, one of the most popular categories to watch is comedy videos. Even 11 years later, many of the popular videos are still based around this category. Some of the Youtubers that created content all those years ago still post videos now.

     There are many comedy channels on Youtube that put out content that’s meant to amuse their audience. If the user is able to grab a person’s attention, that person might subscribe to their channel which will allow that users upload to appear in their subscriptions. These comedy channels, as well as other channels, often use their subscribers’ feedback as inspiration for what type of content to create. There are many channels to watch that fall under this category but there are a few that really stick out. Some of these channels are: JennaMarbles, Alx James, and Joe Santagato.

    Jenna Mourey, also known as Jenna Marbles is 30 years old, has over two billion views on her channel, and has over 16 million subscribers. Jenna’s channel is based around sarcasm and humor, this has attracted many people because her positive attitude is always present. Alx James is another Youtuber that makes humorous videos; his videos range from scripted acts to true storytimes. He has over 64 million views on his channel with 928,301 subscribers. The last Youtuber that stands out in this category is Joe Santagato. His channel is filled with sarcastic advice, games, and different series based around several topics. There are over 176 million views on his channel and he has nearly two million subscribers.

     These three channels are just a glimpse into one of the sides of Youtube. Comedy channels, such as these ones, have remained very popular to this day and will continue thriving for years to come. Humor is something that people really enjoy and use to lift their spirits so having content creators like these ones has helped shape and better the Youtube community.