Improv Anonymous starting back up again


Improv Anonymous performing for a group of students.

Andres Hernandez, Reporter

Improv Anonymous is one of the many clubs here at Belvidere North High School.

     Improvisational theatre is a form of entertainment where most of the content is created on the stage moment by moment, from the plot, to the characters and their dialogue. The name is commonly shortened to improv or impro depending on the area.

     In Improv there are multiple games to play such as Four Square, Three Lines, and Copycat. There are also over 100 other games in which a troupe can use. These games will normally lead to creating a skit created by the people on stage who go on to continue the story without a script. The positive point to Improv is that in most cases the troupe will create a single unique scenario in every single skit.

     Here at BNorth we have a Improv Anonymous group where a group of students do Improv. It is one of the many clubs offered at Belvidere North, and the next event will be hosted soon. On Nov. 3, the Improv Anonymous club will be hosting an event where the students will be putting on a show. The function will be at Belvidere North High School and will be from 7 to 9 P.M.

     Joining the Improv team at Belvidere North would allow students to become more involved in their school, as well as letting them meet other students and faculty members. New members can expect to do several skits and join in on the usual entertainment.