She Kills Monsters review


She Kills Monsters performed last Saturday and Sunday.

Sofi Zeman, reporter

     From Oct. 20-23, Belvidere North’s theater department performed the play She Kills Monsters at the Belvidere PAC.

     The performance was directed by none other than Mrs. Wendy Taylor, a theater and math teacher here at North. With the help of stage manager Alexis Dedmond (‘17) and her running crew, the show- along with its many scene changes-ran smoothly.

     Originally written by Qui Nguyen, this play tells the story of Agnes Evans, played in this production by Lily Czechowicz (‘17). Agnes begins as an average teen who is unsatisfied with her average life. All of this changes when Agnes’ entire family is killed in a car accident after her high school graduation. Years later, Agnes discovers a Dungeons and Dragons module that once belonged to her sister, Tilly while packing up her childhood home.

      Tilly, played by McKenna Mosher (‘18), was the polar opposite of her older, much more typical sister. Agnes, now an adult, begins to regret not having a relationship with Tilly while she was alive. With the Dungeons and Dragons game being all she has left of her sister, she decides to play it. The game takes Agnes on an adventure filled with demons, monsters and mythical lands. Not only does playing the game change her idea of who Tilly once was, it warps Agnes’ outlook on the world entirely.

      In the show, Tommy Crocker (‘17) portrays Chuck, a nerdy yet lovable dungeon master that assists Agnes in discovering who Tilly was. Crocker’s character is just one of many who help lighten the story’s mood to stray from its occasionally serious side.

     A combination of comedic quips and heartwarming moments makes this show entertaining for diverse audiences and can appeal to everyone.

     “I didn’t think I would like the show very much when I heard about it. But, it ended up being really great. All of the actors were very talented,” said Bonnie Konopka (‘19).

     The cast of She Kills Monsters put on yet another memorable and entertaining performance.The next BNHS production will be Radium Girls on Jan. 19!