Halloween Classics


Gracie Thies, Reporter

     Since it’s almost halloween, Disney Channel and Freeform with be playing the movies from your favorite past time. These movies disappear from the tv screen once the halloween season is over. Some of the original movies watched in the early 2000’s will reappear the week of halloween.

     Some favorites include all of the Halloweentown movies, Twitches I and II, Now You See It, Casper, Monster House, The Haunted Mansion, and Scooby-Doo. Sure, these movies aren’t exactly scary but will let you reminisce the days of your youth.

     One all favored movie is Halloweentown I, II, Halloweentown High, and the Return to Halloweentown. Marnie Piper finds her way way through Halloweentown and tries to achieve her ultimate goal, become a witch. Her grandmother supports her on her journey, while her mother holds her back. Many halloween characters appear throughout the movies and make the show seem that much more strange.\

     Beetlejuice is a long remembered movie about a couple who comes back from the dead and meets a man name Beetlejuice. The man is unusual and causes a little discomfort for others. Also, a 1988 film that will not disappoint on a friday night at home.

     People from all around have heard or seen the movie, Casper. A famous cinema about a man and his daughter that bunk in an abandoned house with friendly ghost and his mischievous friends.

     The Haunted Mansion is a Disney film that anyone looking for a laugh would enjoy. Starring Eddie Murphy, a realtor and his wife are summoned to a house that is haunted. As they try to escape, they make some discoveries that are shocking and may of helped them learn an important lesson.

     Don’t forget to catch up on the greatest movies of all time and your childhood. It never hurts to watch at least a few. They are all practically on relay, so it will be easy to catch one at sometime during the week.