The perks of being vegan


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

     Veganism is a lifestyle that allows a person the cut out all animal products from their diet as well as in their everyday life. Vegans don’t consume meat, dairy, eggs, or any products containing animal products such as gelatin. Vegans also don’t use products that are tested on animals for moral reasons. Vegans can very easily be confused with plant-based dieted people. People that are plant-based tend to use products tested on animals or may even wear fur or leather; these people only commit to the diet portion rather than the lifestyle change.

     Vegans only make up a very small portion of the population but the amount of people switching over to this lifestyle has increased drastically in the last five years. When becoming a vegan, people tend to cut out meat before cutting out dairy because dairy is in a lot more food items than meat. Some people may choose to go vegetarian-a person who doesn’t eat meat-before becoming a vegan. After they successfully cut out meat from their diet, they may move onto dairy in order to become a vegan. They may also have already stopped purchasing products that test on animals such as makeup, body soaps, hair wash, or other daily things.

    There are various reasons why someone might switch over to a vegan lifestyle such as for moral reasons, health reasons, or just because they want a change in their life. To add, there are different things that may influence a person to become a vegan. Videos, stories, witnessing a slaughter, hearing the doctor give you negative news, or several other things are just a few examples of how a person can be influenced to go vegan. As someone who went through this, I can say that watching videos and putting myself in the animal’s’ footsteps is what convinced me I needed to make this change.

     Another aspect of veganism is their diet which needs to be diverse and filled with lots of nutrients. Vegans include meat substitutes, vegan cheeses, and non-dairy milks in their everyday diet so they can obtain the same macronutrients as a non-vegan. A common misconception is that vegan options cost a lot more than non-vegan food items; this is only true when you buy high end vegan products. The average cost of vegan products is a bit more or less than that of a non-vegan product. A good vegan diet includes colorful foods such as fruits and vegetables. They also include legumes, pasta, and healthy fats. If you’re doing it right, it shouldn’t be boring or bland, but delicious and flavorful. Vegans also have plenty of desserts, junk food, and candy options if that’s what you’re into.

     The other major thing about veganism is using cruelty free products. There’s an overwhelming amount of products that test on animals and while having all cruelty free products seems like a dream come true for every vegan, it can’t always be possible. You don’t have to be the most perfect vegan, but you should try your best based on your income. Starting with switching over to cruelty free makeup products is the easiest because if you don’t have a lot of money, there are some very high quality cheap costing makeup brands such as e.l.f that you can buy. From there you can get cruelty free toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and shower items. If your income allows, you should try getting cruelty free detergent and other more expensive items that are commonly tested on animals.

     Veganism is becoming more and more common amongst people in this generation because they are raised to be open minded and caring. Vegans want the best for the planet and animals rather than putting animals through pain and suffering or majorly contributing to deforestation, droughts, and climate change. If you want to better this planet and do the moral thing, go vegan.