Internet is essential


Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

     Wifi is a touchy subject here at North, due to the fact that the district doesn’t allow us students to connect to the wifi. Why? Nobody knows.

   Of course the administrators don’t give us the wifi voluntarily because they believe students will be highly active on their devices; it’s not stopping us. Our school provides chromebooks for only one grade level, which, yes, is very beneficial but only for them.  The classroom sets of chromebooks are only in some classes, and usually are dead. (Student’s aren’t plugging them in) Dead chromebooks allow us kids to get no work done. A lot of classes require the students to do research with our phones, and we can’t do that when there is no internet access.

    Administration is trying to minimize phone use, but no matter what, we still are going to go on our phones.

   Students are granted time to be  their phones during free time or during times of research, but we are not capable of receiving internet access unless we have a top quality phone company.

    During free time students want to listen to music, scroll through social media networks and we can’t do that because we can’t hook up to the wifi. Some classes even have social media accounts that provide information to the students which we again cannot access until we are out of the building or using our own data. Data is very expensive and parent’s get very mad when their kids have data overages.

   Providing wifi for students just makes the most sense because the school has already had to deal with changing the password due to hacking. If North students are breaking into the wifi, getting the password, and selling it to other students, I think that, that is the bigger issue rather than blocking the wifi from everyone.

    “Hey what’s your wifi password?” “We don’t have wifi.” “What? Really?”

    Last year a Hoffman Estate student, visiting North, asked for the wifi password, and when she heard that there was no wifi, she was shocked. Schools all around the world offer their students wifi to put on their phones. We live in a world where technology is here and isn’t leaving.

   Avon High School offers a program, called Bring Your Own Device, that allows students to connect to their wifi with any device they bring to school. There is a policy that the students must obey, but they are still letting their students hook up to their wifi. They can use the wifi to do research, type docs on their phones and more.

    For example, if I type a document on my phone, I can’t share my document to the computer  at school the next day because I don’t have wifi from my phone to transfer the document.

    If every student had internet access I believe that students would spend less time watching,  waiting for texts, pictures, and snapchats to load, and spend more time paying attention to the class. You can spend a shorter amount of time sending a quick snapchat back, then having to rely on your data which isn’t there because the school has awful reception. Providing wifi would overall be a win-win situation.