Apps on the top charts


The app PinOut! is available on the app store.

Andres Hernandez, reporter

     The IOS App Store has over two million apps that can be downloaded, however out of all of these apps only a handful will ever make it on the top charts.

     The apps that manage to make it to the charts gain an increase in revenue. This is especially true for the top ten apps on the store. The top ten apps can vary from games to finances to education and can remain in the top charts for days to months depending on just how successful the app is.

     The current app that managed to break into the tenth place on the charts is Gmail. Gmail is an extremely popular email app that prides itself on having a fast service. With Gmail people can switch between five different accounts and read mail with threaded conversation.

      In ninth place is the Uber app. Uber is a faux taxi service where everyday people can sign up to earn a wage to drive others around. If somebody needs to get across their city or town they can simply hail an Uber to pick them up. Payment is through credit card or Paypal, and the user will be able to rate their driver after they’ve arrived their destination.

     Google Maps is in eighth place, the program is a popular navigation app that uses GPS to traverse an area. The app also features estimated time arrivals and traffic conditions.

     Bitmoji is right after Google Maps. Unlike most of the other apps on the top ten list, Bitmoji isn’t affiliated with a big company. Bitstrips Inc. has created an app that can be used in day to day texting and messaging. After creating a character in the app you can use this figure to say and do things. The app is compatible with big names such as Snapchat and iMessage.

     Instagram currently holds 6th place. Instagram is another popular app where users can post photos and videos on their profile grid. Since the release of the app back in 2010, Instagram Inc have continuously supported the app with frequent updates such as photo editing, sending messages and most recently stories which are similar to the current stories that are present on Snapchat.

     In the middle of the list is Youtube. As many people known Youtube is both a site and app where anybody can watch videos as well as create content.

     In fourth place is another popular social media app. Both the site and app Facebook are widely known. Facebook features interacting with people and posting on a feed.

     Third place holds another social networking app. Snapchat is a photo and video sender where users can send messages that self-destruct after being seen. Account holders can post to their story where everyone can see their activity or send messages to others individually.

     In second place is a Facebook extension. Messenger can be used to send texts to other people and is mainly affiliated with Facebook, although it can also work as a stand-alone app.

     While most of the apps on the top ten charts are owned by major companies the number one trending app is not. Mediocre AB have created a simple pinball game called Pinout. The game is fluid and colorful, however requires $1.99 to progress in the game.