It’s all for a good cause



The Movember logo

Ben Clanin, Co- Sports Editor

     Halloween has come and gone and now that it is officially November, it marks the start of every guy’s favorite month long event, “No Shave November.”  Many guys participate and aren’t even aware of the deeper meaning behind it, they do it to show off their facial hair growing ability.  

     “I take part in No Shave November pretty much because everybody else does,” said Cameron Schuring (‘17).  “I know that there is a deeper meaning behind it but I honestly have no idea what that meaning is.”

     The meaning behind trying to grow out facial hair is to celebrate hair, because there are many cancer patients that lose it due to the treatments they need to go through. At the end of the month, the money that was saved on shaving supplies to cancer research is donated.

     There are entire organizations that help to promote No Shave November such as Movember. Since 2004, it has been raising awareness for men’s medical issues, and in 2012 became on of the top 100 non profit organizations in the world.  The main goal of Movember is to help increase early detection for cancer, treatments, diagnosis, and mostly preventing deaths that could be avoided.  Every year the organization takes the best “Face of November” from over 20 countries around the world and crowns the International Man of November every year.  The organization has raised over $600 million over their few years of existence.  The Movember organization hosts countless events throughout the country and all over the world, they are hosting some fundraising events in Chicago this month.