Chicago fans are the best fans


Matt Belinson , Reporter

     Every country, state and city has something they rally behind and root for. There is one city in particular that rises above them all. Maybe I am bias because I have been a part of this group, but Chicago sports fans are the best sports fans.

     The city of Chicago has seen a lot in regards to sports. The Chicago Bulls went on a stretch from 1991 to 1998 with six championships. The Chicago Bears won a championship in 1985. The Chicago White Sox won a championship in 2005. The Blackhawks have won championships in 2010, 2013 and 2015. And the Chicago Cubs just one their first championship since 1908. With all of this overwhelming success, Chicago fans have lived through pain and torment. This is why they have the best fans in the world. Everyone rallies and gives their everything into a team.

     In Chicago, the city is so closely knit that almost everyone hears or sees something at the same time. Fans of all types come together and break down other societal differences to root for a team. Sports is so important to Chicago, and they expect players to put in 100 percent. That is why Chicago is the best.

     Other cities like Cleveland, Colorado and Phoenix expect to have a below-average team every year. Chicago rises above those and wants to be in contention every year. Baseball is back in the city thanks to the recent success of the Cubs. Chicago will criticize and expect more from those who are given money or praise. The city will rip players if they don’t perform but can lift someone up if they make plays and bring success. That is how life works, and Chicago takes that mindset seriously.

     That is what makes Chicago unique. It is a city that has seen failure from the Cubs and Bears for a long time, but the Cubs just ended their title drought and the Bears have young talent on the roster which should keep them in the hunt for a few years. As fans of Chicago sports, people need to realize what they are a part of.

     If you live in Chicago, go to a Pittsburgh Pirates game, a Miami Dolphins game or a Phoenix Coyotes game. What you will find are fanbases who don’t’ show up for their team and understand that nothing will improve because their city doesn’t care as much about football, baseball or hockey. Fans in Chicago always fill up a stadium. This is attributed to the history of the cities’ fans. Generations have been taught about showing pride in your hometown teams and always supporting them. Every child, parent and grandparent has told their offspring about the Chicago Cubs.

     A franchise that is known as the “loveable losers” has won the World Series for the first time since 1908. They have the best fans in baseball. Every year, the city and state rallies around hope that the Cubs will be great. For over 100 years, the Cubs had not won a championship. That is a sad thing but is also the unique opportunity that Chicago have been given. Fans in the city have an experience like no other because literally an entire city has one team that hasn’t won since 1908 and everyone hoped and became excited like no other. The Cubs and many other teams provide Chicago and the fans hope and something to cheer for. And they did Wednesday Night, the Cubs are champions and the fans stood by them.

     Unlike other cities, Chicago is the best because in some sports, they have the worst teams. It shows how dedicated the people are. Character is shown when a person reacts in the right way to bad situations. And the Windy City shows the character of someone who will always stay committed, no matter what happens.