A crook or a criminal?


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two of the candidates for the President of the United States.

Haley McCoy, Editorials Editor

   When a businessman announced his candidacy by referring to Mexicans as “rapists,” “drug dealers,” and “criminals,” we knew we were in for quite the election season.

     Somehow, however, said businessman has become the Presidential Nominee for the Republican party. Donald Trump’s derogatory remarks towards immigrants were not the end of the scandals that have marred his candidacy either. By now, over a year after he first began his campaign, the only group of people that Trump has yet to call out are white males from the baby-boomer generation.

     Hillary Rodham Clinton, the nominee from the Democratic party, a career politician, is not wholly free of scandal either. Benghazi, foreign hackers and the e-mails that can’t seem to stay out of the news have similarly marred Clinton’s campaign. In comparison, Clinton’s scandals are not as insulting as her opponents, however they are still prevalent.

     Odds are, you’ve heard of Trump’s referring to women as “pigs,” and asking why anyone would want a face like Carly Fiorina’s, one of his past opponents, as the president. More recently a tape has surfaced from ten years ago on which Trump brags about sexual assault. Trump is also to go on trial in the coming months over the allegations that he raped a 13-year old pageant contestant. Trump has walked into changing rooms of his adolescents with no warning, and, when he can’t land any true political blows, he simply deigns to insulting Clinton’s looks, her marriage, and her health. Trump refers to “the” African Americans who are living in poverty and “the” Latinos who the country needs to build a wall to keep out. He attacked an entire religion and a family that lost their son at war. Trump has not left a single stone unturned when it comes to his rash words.

     Likewise, it’s impossible to go even a single day without hearing of Clinton’s e-mails. Clinton used a private server instead of the federal government’s approved server, and many critics were hesitant to trust her, believing that she betrayed confidential information out of the government’s eye. An FBI investigation revealed no wrongdoing on Clinton’s part, yet the case is ongoing. Currently the FBI is looking into e-mails neither sent nor received by Clinton. Clinton is not faultless by any standards; some pundits believe that Clinton could have and should have acted to prevent the Benghazi attack that killed four American citizens.

    This election has been unlike any other. On one hand you have a businessman with no political experience and contradictions in every word, and on the other you have a career politician that people have a difficult time trusting. Each has made mistakes, and now it seems that the presidential race is leaning slightly towards Clinton.

     The American people will decide which scandals they can live with and which were too much to handle on Nov 8.