World series ticket prices


Kyle Hauser, Reporter

Baseball is one of the oldest and most history filled sports in America.  It truly has been America’s pastime.  The World Series dates all the way back to 1903.  The first game was played between Pittsburgh and Boston.  The ticket prices were a whopping 50 cents for standing room and bleacher seats and the best seats in the stadium were all the way up to one dollar.  

Of course, times have changed a lot since 1903.  The MLB  is now televised and has many shows analyzing each game year round.  It brings a lot of attention to the sport of baseball.   When a lot of attention gets put on a sport, a lot of money starts coming in.  

Compared to the one dollar seats in 1903, ticket prices have skyrocketed.  This year is especially crazy for ticket prices.  The two teams in the World Series are the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.   The last time the Cubs were in the World Series was in 1945 and the Indians last time was in 1997.  

The average price for a ticket at Wrigley Field in the World Series is around $3,500 dollar per seat.  That does not include food or drinks or anything.  That is just the ticket.  The Cubs are bringing in money for every seat and are even selling standing room only tickets.  Even if people can not get a ticket to get in, people will pay hundreds of dollars for a cover charge to get into bars in Wrigleyville.  

The average price for a ticket in Cleveland is close the $5,000.  They also are sold out and are selling standing room only tickets.

Baseball has come a long way from the one dollar ticket price which helps the cities economies tremendously.