Halloween might be over but..


Burke Cochran, reporter

      With scary clowns now being the least of our worries and halloween already passed, people are struggling to get their fill of scary.

      In Belvidere, there are three creepy places daring high schoolers could go to prank their friends with scary sights.

      Blood’s Point cemetery, named after the area’s first white settle, Arthur Blood, is said to be a hot spot for the supernatural. Featuring a vanishing barn, eerie orbs, phantom vehicles without a driver and even ghost dogs with red eyes, this place is sure to send chills down anyone’s spine.

      The Nellie Dunton house in Belvidere, listed as #5 of the most haunted places in Illinois from Mysterious Heartland. This house is said to be haunted by previous owner, Nellie Dunton, who drowned sometime between June 28 and June 29 of 1920. Now, decades after her death, there are reports of strange sightings in and around the house. Joann Pearson of Gambino Realtors confirmed these sightings in saying, “I’ve had the security alarm go off many times. I get a call from the security company about once a month.”

      Also, Belvidere Cemetery is a good bet for anyone looking for a scare close by. It is on Main Street in Belvidere, and plenty of interments, some of which are even unrecorded. Of the 15,859 interments in the cemetery, only 61% of them are photographed. If any vigilante high schoolers are looking for a quick scare, stop by at the Belvidere Cemetery.

      These nearby places are sure to keep you entertained and fearful until Halloween next year.