Oklahoma pipe line leads to spill


Andres Hernandez, Reporter

   Recently in Cushing, Oklahoma a major oil spill has caused disorder in the small city. The oil spill occurred when a pipe was busted in the small city of 7,889. The Seaway Pipeline was the line to erupt and is one of the United States’ longest line, running over 500 miles from the city of Cushing to multiple oil refineries in Freeport, Texas.

     The spill is a detriment to the Enterprise company. The burst in the pipeline could carry almost three million gallons of oil to refineries. At the moment the company can continue to transport oil through another oil line, however they may only carry about 450,000 barrels of oil due to the leak.

     News 9 reported that a spokesperson for Enterprise commented on their thoughts of the leak.

     “The actual amount of crude oil released will be significantly less and won’t be determined until recovery efforts are complete,” said one of the spokesman for Enterprise.

     Numerous crews have been dispatched to clear the oil that was released from the pipe burst. The United States Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration has been in charge of sending out these crews and supplies.

     Originally, the Emergency Director of Cushing’s county assumed that the leak was due to old, faulty pipes, however many environmental groups suggested that the spill could be due to the excessive amounts of earthquakes that occur in Oklahoma.

     The spill has already caused a 0.69 cent difference in the cost of oil and prices are expected to rise for the cost of crude oil.

    Overall, the city claims the spill is an unfortunate accident, nonetheless a large amount of crude oil will continue to be supplied.