Honoring Our Teachers


Matt Belinson, Weekly Flush Editor

     Here at Belvidere North, patriotism is important. From football themes, clubs and fundraisers, North offers many outlets to show national pride. The faculty here at North may not be as passionate as the student body, but some have done far more to show their national pride. Veterans are around students every day.

     Ken Husser, a history teacher and girls cross-country coach here at North, served in the military. He served his country and continues to express his service as a duty, not a gift.  and has many thoughts on the progression of the military and the outlook for the youth joining the military.

     “The perception of the military has changed, there was a stigma left over from Vietnam and there was little to public support for the cause, today, the military is back to where it should be,” said Husser.

     When asked about how being a veteran looks in the minds of the public compared to when her served, he was clear about one thing.

     “To wear any part of your uniform or badge was bragging about death and gloating American dominance, not taken kindly back then, now they have discounts for things and memberships if you have your uniform on or a badge with you.”

     As the world moves forward with communication and public perception, veterans are starting to feel society is forgetting about their contribution to the fight against the world’s’ threats. In World War Two, rationing and collecting resources was important for all citizens to do. Veterans Week is the only time of the year where veterans receive donations and letters, Husser and some other veterans would like that to change.

     “We need more self-sacrifice, rationing may be just one step, but it is important for ordinary people to do something. With most negative feelings gone, people should take the positive mindset they have and give a little to a part of the military,” said Husser.

     Veterans Day is Nov,11, and at North, a week long celebration has happened. Mock elections, dressing up for daily themes and even a pep assembly on Friday. The assembly will honor all the faculty who have served and Mr. Husser will speak. He talked about the passion people have about veterans and what affects that mood.

     “It has highs and lows like anything else, and I like this quote that a veteran told me once and it says “Those who have not given service, don’t understand the ease they accept their citizenship, and I enjoy that people become happy about it,” said Husser.

     “It depends on the world and what the military does in the most recent timeline, but people are generally grateful but at the same time are happy they didn’t have to serve. That is odd, people are glad others serve and defend the country, but would rather not give their life to do it,” said Husser.

     Veterans Day and this week at North are times to celebrate the brave men and women who have served the nation, but as Husser pointed out, people should give something to help the cause.