Samantha Erb, Reporter

 In a person’s high school career, the ACT and the SAT are tests that are completed.

       Both tests are accepted in all U.S  colleges. Both tests have a math, reading, and writing. ACT has a science portion and the SAT doesn’t. For both tests you have the option of taking an essay portion. The essay for the SAT will test you on your comprehension for a source of text. THe ACT tests you on how well you evaluate and analyze complex skills

     SAT is a more complex test, the questions are context and evidence based. They are made to focus on real life situations, along with multi-step[ problems. Where the ACT is a less complicated test and easier to understand the questions, because they are very straightforward.The scores for the SAT are a range from 400-1600, the ACT is a range of 1-36.

          The ACT is offered to you six times per year, whereas the SAT is offered to you seven times per year. The ACT is offered during Feb. , April, June, Sep. , Oct. , and Dec. The SAT is offered to you Jan. , March or April, May, June, Oct. , Nov. , and Dec.  You will be eligible to sign up four weeks before the tests are taken.

      The time length of the SAT is three hours without the essay, but with the essay it is three hours and fifty minutes. The time length for the ACT is two hours and fifty minutes without the essay, with the essay is t three hours and forty minutes. Keep in mind that with the SAT you are only allowed a calculator with some of the problems.

           But on the ACT you are allowed to have a calculator with all of your problems which also has a hand in the time length you are allowed. But, for the SAT you get a multiple choice on your math section, and you don’t on the ACT.

     Both tests are used to test you on your skills and where you are at and how much you know.