Starbucks Cup Controversy


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

     Starbucks, a very well known coffee company founded in Seattle, has had to make a decision this year as to whether or not they wanted to change their holiday cup or keep it as it was before all the controversy. All of the controversy started when Starbucks released green cups late last month. Since then, the have announced that they will be releasing red cups for the holidays.

     The red cups that were released last year were plain with no decorations and this upset people for different reasons. Some people wanted decorations on the cups, making them more festive, while others didn’t even want the red cups because they felt as if they were targeted towards people who are from a specific religious group. Starbucks kept the cups last year and people continued to purchase products from them despite the conflicting feelings concerning the cups. Things have changed since last year and people were even more upset this year than last year.

     When the green cups were released right before this month, outrage filled loads of people; a lot of people were upset because they thought Starbucks was being irrational and overreacting. These people didn’t see the problem with a huge company using red cups during the holidays instead of their plain white ones with the classic green Starbucks logo in the center.

     On the other side of the argument were the people who didn’t fit into that religious group that they believed Starbucks was supporting. These people were very content with the decision that Starbucks made but since Starbucks’ announcement about the release of the red cups, they are upset yet again. They had hoped that the company would keep the green cups and include everyone; the design of the green cups was people that looked very different all standing together which represented equality.

     This design didn’t last long now that the red cups will be back in a few days. People that don’t agree with the red cup don’t need to buy drinks from the company and they can wait until the cups are gone to buy from there again. Starbucks will be continuing to give their hot drinks in a red cup for this holiday season despite the criticism they have received.