Make a wish foundation makes a difference


Illinois’ Make a Wish foundation.

Garrett Nelson, Reporter

      Ryan Menge is a freshman here at Belvidere North that has recently been granted his wish through the Make a Wish foundation. Ryan’s wish was to go to a Green Bay Packer’s game. Ryan has been a long time fan of the Green Bay Packer’s and this trip is definitely something he will remember for the rest of his life.

     Make a Wish was founded in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona by Scott Stahl, Linda Bergendahl-Pauling, and Frank Shankwitz. Make a Wish has had a huge impact on people’s lives for 36 years. The kids that get their wishes granted are forever changed by their experiences because they are things that people would not be able to do normally. The change that this organization makes is lasting change in the lives of thousands of people and counting. This organization is continuing to change people’s lives in tremendous ways. The foundation has granted some huge wishes for kids before.

     Sam, an eleven year old, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer that left him unable to play baseball with his friends. All he wanted was to watch his friend’s play baseball. So, Make a Wish built him a baseball field in his backyard for him.

     In 1996, a 17 year old named Erik was granted his wish to go hunting in Alaska for a bear. The trip received a lot of angry letters from animal activists that tried to get the trip called off. But, in the end the group’s letters failed and the family and the hunt guide went to an undisclosed location and completed their hunt. The results of the hunt were never disclosed, but the family got to spend one last weekend with their son doing what he loved.

     Another kid named Erik, who was 13 years old, wished that he could be a superhero name Electron Man. So, Spiderman called up Erik saying that he needed his help in order to save the MLS team of Seattle. Two villains were holding the team up in their locker room. So, Electron Man jumped into action in the DeLorean that was painted to match Erik’s costume and they sped off to the locker room to save the team. After that he had to go to an electric company to save a worker there from the two villains and ultimately ended in a big battle between the two villains and Erik, which Erik won. Electron Man was the hero that Erik had always wanted to be.