The secret behind “Joe Maddon”


Chicago Cubs coach Joe Maddon

Matt Belinson, Weekly Flush Editor

     Santa Claus, the fascination of children around the world, is a mystery to many. His identity is kept secret and he continues to deliver joy and gifts to the good people of the world. Santa may no longer be a secret, and a baseball coach could be living a double life.

     Joe Maddon, the head coach of the World Champion Chicago Cubs, is a very interesting man. Joe is a different type of coach who injects fun and levity into every game, practice and road game. Santa brings the same passion to toy making and his loyal elves. With both people having those qualities, is it any wonder why they are the same person?

     Santa and “Joe” both have goals they wanted to reach and they always keep them. The Cubs wanted to win a World Series championship for the first time since 1908. Santa is an expert like “Joe” at having the right personnel and mindset to reach those goals. “Joe” has the best players in baseball on his team and he knows who to put where because he knows he can trust anyone on his staff to get the job done. Goals are easy to reach with players and elves like that. Santa uses his fake identity, Joe Maddon, to handle stress all year long. It would be super hard to deal with pressure non stop for one month of the year and Santa would not be prepared for it. He created Joe Maddon to give him a sense of pressure all year, that way he could prepare for Christmas Eve and morning. “Joe” dealt with delivering so much to the city of Chicago, but Santa delivering over 500 million toys and winning a championship for the Cubs are on equal levels of difficulty.

     Santa Claus has the toughest job in the world, behind his fake identity Joe Maddon, so make sure you thank Santa for the extra hardship to please everyone. Joe Maddon is fake but his accomplishments are not. Santa should be the Manager of the Year and World MVP too. Santa is Joe Maddon, don’t buy it? Let me ask you this final question to backup my point. Have you ever seen Santa Claus and Joe Maddon in the same room?