How many grains of sand are on a beach?


Camille Spencer , Reporter

     The beach is something a lot of people seem to enjoy. Relaxing in the sun, playing volleyball in the sand, swimming in the water. Beaches can best be described as one of the most beautiful places to be, but has anyone ever really thought about how many grains of sand are on an actual beach? A few students at Belvidere North were asked this question. Some people said there could be billions, others said trillions. Does anyone really know the answer to this raging question? This question has been asked for many years and no one seems to know the true answer. Though we can not find the exact amount of how many grains of sand there are at one beach, scientists have been able to calculate a pretty close estimate.

     A group of researchers at the University of Hawaii have attempted to solve this phenomenon. After their experiment, they came to a conclusion and decided to share their process with the public. To begin, they assumed that one grain of sand has an average size. Once they found an average they calculated how many grains are in one teaspoon of sand. They took that number and multiplied it by all of the deserts and beaches on the planet. Their number took the world by surprise. Their final estimate was that there roughly around seven quintillion, five hundred quadrillion grains of sand.

     Who would have ever thought that we would even find an estimate to how many grains of sand there are. I would have never guessed that amount. The university must have been intrigued to discovering the number because of their beachy surroundings.

     Though scientists were able to find a reasonable number to the question, we will most likely never know the exact amount. This is just another unsolved question that the world may never know the real answer to.