Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs?


Nora Stilwell , Editor in Chief

To this day, Easter Sunday is one of the uttermost sacred holidays in America. In celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, most families gather together, eat a home cooked meal, and wait for the legendary Easter Bunny to arrive with candy-filled eggs.

Now why is that? Rabbits have no connection to the resurrection of Christ, nor do they play an important role the Bible. And then where do the eggs come in? ┬áRabbits don’t even lay eggs. Clearly, bunnies have nothing to do with the Biblical version of Easter Sunday.

However, there is an explanation to this brain teaser. According to research, the Easter Bunny first arrived to the United Stated in the 1700s, along with German immigrants and their traditions. Rabbits are said to be native symbols of a new life, and have been linked to pagan festivals. From a Christian’s perspective, this could represent the rebirth of Christ.

Furthermore, the decorating of eggs became a tradition during the 13th century. It is said that eggs were prohibited during the season of Lent. Therefore, Christians would decorate eggs to symbolize the end of the Lenten season, and then eat them in celebration of Easter.

Eventually, these two traditions meshed together, creating the Easter Bunny we know today.