Tan lines and highlights

Samantha Erb, Reporter

     In the summer our hair starts getting lighter and our skin gets darker. How come they both don’t get lighter or they both get darker.  Melanin is a pigment found in your hair and skin cells, which is how you get your color. When the sun hits the melanin pigment in our hair it kills the cells in it which then results in our hair getting lighter. The hair will then stay lighter because it is dead and won’t change until it grows in. In the summer, your hair will dry out and become dead due to the sun drying it out.

      When our skin gets darker from the sun it’s because it creates more melanin in our skin which adds more color to our skin. The melanin also helps the sun from creating a sunburn on your skin. The melanocytes triggers the melanin to create more when the UV rays hit your skin. Even tho it still is better to wear sunscreen due to the fact that the uv rays can cause cancer. The reason that it can cause us to get cancer is because the sun damages your skin cells when it hits the surface of your skin.  

      Personally, I think that our hair and skin should both become darker in the summer. Because then in the winter they both would get lighter because we aren’t getting as much sun and we can just go back to normal and then start all over. I know people who have competitions to see who can get more of a tan then the other, because it’s fun and ups your appearance. Sometimes people get way too big of a tan and it doesn’t look as nice. A smaller than that is noticeable and not to dark is always nice.