Black Friday shopping


Mark Lennihan

JCPenney is one of the many popular stores open on Black Friday.

Bella Keher, Showcase editor

    Black Friday has turned into Black Thursday. Black Friday deals started on Thursday which meant people camped outside of stores on their Thanksgiving. Department stores were open as early as 5 pm on Thursday. Stores such as Meijer and Walmart had great deals.

    Black Friday used to be considered a time of financial crisis. But the truth behind Black Friday is, it used to be a day where the slaves would be sold.

    Most people don’t even go shopping on Black Friday anymore. Cyber Monday has become a larger holiday than Black Friday. Although it has the same purpose, Cyber Monday has grown to be ‘better’ than Black Friday.

   People would much rather stay at home after they stuffed their faces the night before. Being in your nice, warm bed, sounds far more convincing than going out and standing in long lines and fighting a crowd for products.

   Meijer, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and many more had insane deals on TV’s.

   “I went shopping at midnight and got such good stuff,” Brynn Lambrecht (‘18).

   Cyber Monday deals are far better than Black Friday deals as well. If the product isn’t more than half off, then you aren’t getting the best deal.

   One Black Friday trick for next year is to ask the sales associates if there are any more deals, more than half of the time there are ways to get the merchandise cheaper.

    All in all, Black Friday is a tradition for people all over the world, and although it takes away from Thanksgiving itself, going shopping is fun.