DIY gifts for Christmas


Cindy Oyervides, reporter

     The holidays are a time for getting creative and putting together gifts for your friends and family. People stress over what to gift people but there are tons of thoughtful and creative gifts that people can make relatively easily that they can give to their loved ones this holiday season. Whether you are celebrating Christmas or just enjoy surprising people with thoughtful gifts, get creative and try out these diy gift ideas.

     Family and friends aren’t all the same and every person has different interests but one common thing older family members or friends may like is coffee. If you aren’t really sure if someone actually likes coffee or not, you can create a custom mug for them. The mugs are extremely versatile because if they don’t drink coffee, they can use it to drink other drinks or to hold stuff in it. To make these mugs all you need is a plain mug to write on and permanent markers. To finish the gift, you print the letter of their first name on the mug in the marker, color it in and you can add designs to the mug.

     Another gift you can make is candy in a mason jar. For this gift, purchase packaged candy, colored sand, ribbon, and a mason jar. If you want, you can add a label to it but it’s not necessary. Take the opened mason jar and put in a layer of candy, add the colored sand on top, add another layer of candy, and continue this until you are satisfied with it. Finally, add the ribbon on the outside of the mason jar and give it to whoever you choose.

     This next gift is a custom stocking that you can fill with candy, toys, or other little things. To make it, purchase however many plain stockings you want, glitter glue, ribbon, and plain glue Leave some space at the top of the stocking, use the glitter glue to write the person’s name on the stocking, and allow it to dry. After it’s dry, grab the ribbon and glue it down to the empty area that you left before you wrote the name. Once that’s dried down, stuff the stocking with things of your choosing. The stocking can then be given out once everything is all dry and put together.

     All of these simple gifts are thoughtful and easy to make. Instead of splurging on gift cards for everyone you don’t know what to get, try out one of these diy gifts. They can be customized based on every person and they don’t take much time to make either. If you are willing, this holiday season try gifting more personal gifts such as these ones.