Traditions for the holidays


Gracie Thies, News Editor

Christmas is usually the time of the year when families come together for some memorable family gatherings. Whether it’s Christmas Day or just any day around the holidays, families have traditions that continue for years to come.

     Traditions keep the family connected and they always bring family together for that one annual gathering that is reminisce around Christmas time. Some common Christmas traditions are singing carols, decorating the Christmas tree, helping the less fortunate, having a Christmas movie marathon

     As the snow begins to fall and people around the neighborhood stock up on their shovels, children can be seen outside building a snowman or sledding down a steep hill. Some of the best memories and traditions of one’s childhood are spent outside throwing snowballs at your parents or siblings.

     “My mom gets my sister and I each an ornament that we open on Christmas Eve and hang on the Christmas tree,” said Sabrina Elder (‘18). “We do it every year and it’s become a tradition that I enjoy every year.”

     Baking is also a very common tradition during the holiday season that friends and family cherish. Baking and frosting cookies while laughing and having a grand ole time is a must before Christmas.

     “We usually have a day that my whole family makes gingerbread houses and frosts cookies. Usually it’s a few days before Christmas,” said Elder (‘18).

     The Christmas spirit can be found in every house on your block.

     The Pew Research Center states that 86% of extended family or friends plan to have a gathering on Christmas. It also states that 79% of families put up at Christmas tree and 65% send holiday cards.

     Most people don’t realize it, but pretty much every family in America has traditions that are carried on from generation to generation and for years to come. It brings family together and gets everyone in the holiday spirit.