LeBron James pays up



Cleveland Cavaliers’, LeBron James talks with Chicago Bulls’ Dwyane Wade before an NBA basketball game in Chicago.

Garrett Nelson, Co-Sports Editor

     Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are good friends and have been since their time together with the Miami Heat. The two had a friendly wager about the World Series. With LeBron being from Cleveland, and Wade from Chicago, they wagered that if the Cubs won, then James had to wear a Cubs jersey. If Cleveland won, Wade had to wear an Indians jersey.

     It looked like the Indians were going to win the series there for a while and that Wade would have to wear the jersey. However, the Cubs won the final three games and they won the World Series. This meant that Lebron had to wear the jersey when he came to play in Chicago. That happened, on Fri, Dec. 2nd.

     LeBron was a good sport about it and went all out for the event, he got pinstriped pants to match the jersey he wore and wore the Cubs hat.

     “I’m not wearing cleats,” James said Thursday after the Cavs’ morning shoot-around. “I got a basketball game to play. No glove. Just the uniform. I will be in uniform.”

     “It’s a bet,” he said. “You have to fulfill your bet. Nothing more to it.”

     LeBron also talked about his thoughts on Wade back in Chicago.

     “It’s going to be pretty cool, not only just because he’s in a different uniform but just him being back home and understanding what his journey is right now,” said James. “I think it’s more than just basketball for himself being back home in Chicago.”