The global warming issue


Haley McCoy, Editorials Editor

  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, no one can manufacture their own facts.

     One common opinion is that green energy is akin to fairy dust; it isn’t feasible. One proven fact is that green energy is effective, renewable and eco-friendly. Opinion: climate change isn’t a major issue that continually impacts the Earth. Opinion: climate change is not important to the everyday individual. Opinion: climate change is a hoax.

     Fact: global warming is real.

     Statistics have proven that the average temperature of the Earth is rising at an alarming rate, with 15 of the 16 warmest years on record coming since 2001. The polar ice caps are melting, causing the water levels of the oceans to rise and thus threatening coastal cities and islands. The number of record high temperature events has been increasing while the number of record low events has been decreasing, all since 1950. NASA has done extensive research on the impact of global warming and all signs point to one endpoint: climate change is undeniably real.

     Many people choose to live in a world where climate change doesn’t exist, or it’s a make believe concept to influence the global economy. The rest of the world, scientists and every other advanced nation, lives under the knowledge that global warming is real and is threatening the future of the world.

     Too often in our current political climate, conservative pundits are creating their own facts and statistics, ignoring the actual data provided to them by those whose job it is to find evidence of events. They falsify their facts and use their opinions to make others believe that they’re correct, even if the actual data has proven them wrong time and time again.

     This is exactly the case with global warming. People can deny it all they want, ignore the evidence that shows the Earth is dying, but that doesn’t change the unadulterated truth that global temperatures are rising and we are doing nothing to combat those effects.

     So live in that other reality all you want. Pretend that the entire world isn’t facing a catastrophe. The rest of us will make strides towards saving the planet we all live on.