Christmas time around the world


Bella Kehrer, Showcase Editor

For most people Christmas is lights, cookies, music, family and gifts; but for some that’s not what comes to mind when they celebrate Christmas.

    Christmas, is a day to remember when Jesus was born. The name Christmas originated from the church term Mass of Christ. Christmas was most commonly celebrated by a Christians but during this time any culture or religion can celebrate Christmas in many different ways.

    Christians- celebrate Christmas as most of us know Christmas. Some going to mass, others not, but spending Christmas Eve setting out cookies for Santa and then waking up the following morning to a tree with gifts. Christmas is a holiday most spend with family.

   Another form of holiday tradition is Hanukkah. Hanukkah is celebrated over a period of time, starting on December 24 till January 1 of the new year. During Hanukkah, Jewish followers light the Temple of Menorah, which is a candle structure. Each night a candle is lit and by the end of Hanukkah all candles are lit. A tradition celebrated by those who celebrate Hanukkah is giving their family a gift each day of Hanukkah. Although gifts were not given during Hanukkah originally.

   Russians celebrate Christmas starting on December 31.

   In China only few celebrate Christmas.

   In Greenland, men serve women on Christmas. They will look after and supply women with food and beverages.

   In Egypt, Christmas isn’t celebrated till January 7.

    Christmas is Mexico is celebrated from December 12 till January 6.

   All in all, America celebrates Christmas in the most known way to celebrate but there are all different ways different cultures and religions celebrate Christmas throughout the world.