Some seniors already graduating


Gracie Thies, News Editor

      With the end of the semester fastly approaching, some seniors’ final year of high school will be coming to an end. Many seniors have the choice to graduate a year early to possibly get an early start on college or even to take a little time off of school.

     Not all seniors take advantage of this option, as some may want to finish out their memorable senior year. For others, not so much. One reason for some seniors graduating is to move on with their life and get high school over. High school may not be some of the best years of their life and are just looking for a fresh start.

     All seniors that decide to graduate early are required to have all of the requirements needed for all graduating seniors. There is just a different plan put together. They have to take American Government, Physical Education, and any other credits needed, fulfilled by the end of first semester instead of second semester.

     “I’m really excited to graduate early and be done with high school,” said Mary Kate Hamilton (‘17). “Don’t get me wrong, I liked high school, but I’m ready to move on with my life and start focusing on college and work.”

     This is an exciting time for any graduating senior, as this point in the year either marks the halfway point or the end. No matter what time the seniors graduate, they will be sure to make a lasting impression on Belvidere North. Whether it’s academics or sports, the Class of 2017 will be remembered and appreciated for all the wonderful contributions they’ve made.