Finals: how to needlessly stress students


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Student Studying Sleeping on Books, Tired Girl Read Book, Library

Cindy Oyervides , Reporter

During finals week, students can become very stressed while trying to study for all of their tests and exams. Some people wait until the last minute to study for everything, cramming it all into one night. This stress can become overwhelming and trying to do it all in one night will not be easy. Instead of stressing over everything and attempting to do it all in one night, spread it out throughout a week and study in sections.

     Make sure before you begin your studying, you have a nutritious snack such as veggies, nuts, or fruits. These will not only help get your brain going, but will also help you concentrate. After you finish eating, decide which class you want to study for. Once you’ve decided, find a small section and study that until you know it. Continue doing this until you have the rest of the information for that class memorized. If you get a headache or become exhausted after studying, you can take a short break until you feel ready to memorize more.

     Take the break after studying until you feel ready to start again, but don’t take a very long one because you still have to study for the other subjects. You can decide how many classes you want to study for depending on your schedule. Don’t overload yourself with work in a short period, spread it out instead of cramming. By spreading it out, you will allow yourself to stay collected and you’ll have an easier time memorizing stuff because you won’t be focusing on an overwhelming amount of information.

     Studying for finals can go several ways so it’s up to you to decide which way works best for you. You can create flashcards and study those until you know all of them. Another way to study is to write down what you’re trying to memorize; doing this is said to help people memorize more because you see what you’re writing down and it gets stuck in your head. One final way to study is to look over your notes and just study those to the best of your ability.

     If finals are getting you worried, just take a week and spread out your studying accordingly. Don’t wait till the night before to do everything because you won’t really be able to memorize it all. Find a study method that works for you, take breaks, and have snacks that’ll get your brain going. Finals will be over soon, so don’t stress over them; take your time and study but don’t overload yourself with information.