Science Olympiad off to a great start


The Science Olympiad team poses for a photo.

Garrett Nelson, Reporter

      Science Olympiad is a state and national competition in which teams compete against each other in a wide variety of science related events.  These events range from chemistry and biology, to physics and engineering.  In one event this season, team members need to construct a Hovercraft device that needs to travel down a track two meters long in exactly seven seconds.  In another event, team members need to determine who was the perpetrator based on forensic evidence left at the scene in an event called Forensics.

     The Science Olympiad team is in it’s tenth season at North.  They qualified for the state competition down in Champaign at University of Illinois for the first time ever two seasons ago and finished in the top 10 teams in our division in the state.  This in turn created a lot of interest amongst the student body at the start of last season as we had enough students participating to have a JV team for the first time.

     Last season at the Rock Valley Regional we missed qualifying for the state competition by one point.  This accomplishment was done with only three returning members from the previous season and about 25 new participants.

     This year’s season is off to a good start as they finished in 20th place out of 47 teams at the Harlem invitational earning 10 medals out of 23 events including two first place finishes and a second place finish.  Our JV team placed the highest out of any of the other JV teams competing.

     “We are very excited about the potential for success with the group we have this season,” said the coach Mr. Hain, “The effort they have put in this early in the season along with their early success is cause for optimism in terms of our goal of qualifying for the state tournament.”