Russell Westbrook


Russell Westbrook has tied Michael Jordan for the most triple doubles in a row.

Kyle Hauser, Reporter

     A lot of attention was focused on a couple of NBA teams.  The Cleveland Cavaliers had a lot of attention because they are coming off of a championship season and have LeBron James on their team.  Another team that had a lot of attention this season, probably the most attention, was the Golden State Warriors.  Many called the Warriors a “superteam” due to have key players like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the new addition, Kevin Durant.  When Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder, attention was given to the Thunder to see how they would respond without Durant.

     Many thought that the Thunder would drop off the table without Durant, but the Thunder did exactly the opposite.  That is due to one key player, Russell Westbrook.  Westbrook started out the season with having one of the best recorded seasons in history.  Westbrook went on a seven game streak of averaging a triple double.  Even when he wasn’t able to keep his streak going, he still lead the Thunder to a win.  Even with Westbrooks unbelievable start to the season, the Thunder are still only in sixth place in the West Conference.  

     One player that has also helped the Thunder to get where they are is Victor Oladipo.  Oladipo has helped the Thunder to look as good as they have.  Oladipo is a reliable teammate to get assists and in reverse.  He helps Westbrook get open and allows him to take the shots that he does.