Girls Engine team having a very successful season


The Girls Engine team works on a motor.

Will Sieracki, Reporter

     Belvidere North’s Girls Engine team placed fourth at their most recent event. If you don’t know what engine team does, two teams are lined up against each other and they are given engines. They then disassemble them and put them back together, and whichever team does it faster, wins.  

     There’s a whole community when it comes to stuff like this. The best teams from around the country travel to compete for the national championship.

     The organization that sets up the events and national championships is called the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow. There are two national championships; one in Las Vegas and one in Indianapolis.

     North’s engine team went to Las Vegas last year. North’s engine team has travelled all around the country and has become one of the top engine teams in America this year. In their recent competition in Indianapolis, they placed fourth out of all the teams in the nation.

     There are other reasons for joining engine team besides learning how the insides of an engine work and where all the parts go. There’s opportunities for travel, like going to Las Vegas, and it can be an important skill to have. If your car breaks down and you need to get it fixed, knowing where all the parts are and how they function can be essential.