Fuller house is back


Lizzy Darling, photo editor

      Fuller House season 2 came out Friday December, 9 on Netflix.  The first episode “Welcome Back” was when the summer is over and the cast comes back to start up the school year again and the new season.  DJ was fighting with the decision of if she goes back to her high school sweetheart, or the hot co-worker.  Stephanie returns from a trip in England and Kimmy and her daughter Ramona comes home from a dance camp.  Throughout the rest of the season they go through the holidays and the old characters making an appearance on the episodes.  

      “Girl Talk” Stephanie and Kimmy’s old band in season 8 of Full House sing the song “The Sign”.  They welcomed back Gia who is now a soccer mom but DJ still has a problem with her because of the bad influence she was.  The other episode that introduced old new characters was “DJ and Kimmy’s High School Reunion”.  They brought back Viper and Nelson, DJ’s old boyfriends who fought over her again, Steve came to the rescue which brought back old feelings for her.

      At the end of season 2 we welcomed the newest cast member Pamela Cassopolis.  Becky and Jessie adopted a new child and if a season 3 is coming and watch her grow with the rest of the family.     

      Overall, the second season brought back more flashbacks and more characters from the past, yet there was slight exaggeration in a lot of the writing.  The Olson twins has yet to make an appearance as Michelle on the new season, but the cast does make jokes into the camera like “Come next year it will be fun”.  Jessie looks into the camera and said that to call out the twins for not coming.  There has been talk of a season 3 but nothing confirmed yet.