Theater Fest 2017

Theater Fest 2017

Samantha Erb, Reporter

    Every year after Christmas break, Mrs.Taylor takes thirty students to Theater Fest, a festival revolving around the theatrical arts.

      This year it took place in Champaign/Urbana  Illinois on the University of Illinois College Campus. Many students attended. Students that attended from Belvidere North stayed at the Hilton 2 Suites, which had free breakfast, wifi, a pool, and a gym.

Every morning the North thespians  had to be up at a certain time in order to go downstairs and eat breakfast. Then you got on the bus and arrived at the campus with many things to do.

     The festival featured shows such as In The Heights, LoveSick, Crimson Thread, and many others.  The all state show was Sweeney Todd and over all the show was amazing.

“The show was so good, I was brought to tears, ” said Gabrielle Tift (‘19).

     With many places to go for workshops and things to do in between you were on your feet nonstop. In the Union they had a food court, a bowling alley, arcade and even a bunch of pool tables.

      Theater Fest is an all day event, not just some two hour thing. You saw shows, did workshops, and ate food. You walked around in the Foellinger Great Hall and went to tables that had information on colleges. Many students from all over were there. Even if you didn’t eat breakfast, they had a cafe in the Foellinger Great Hall to enjoy.  For lunch, the campus had many places to go to, including various fast food outlets.

     Overall, Theater Fest 2017  was an amazing experience and many students