World Series Trophy Comes to Rockford

World Series Trophy Comes to Rockford

Lauren Shelton, Reporter

      Fans of the Chicago Cubs have not been able to celebrate a World Series win in over 108 years, but that drought came to an incredible end this past fall. After decades of speculation over if the team could pull it all off and rumors of a curse, the players finally took it all.

     The Cubs played against the Cleveland Indians during the series and beat them with a 8-7 win. In the middle of the series, the Indians were at a 3-1 lead, but managed to lose a lead that big for the first time in 31 years.

     “When I saw it, I started crying a little bit. I have been a fan since 2005 when my grandpa moved to Illinois and really got me into baseball,” said Noah Kroll (‘19).

     Once the Cubs claimed their much deserved win, a huge obsession with the team swept the country and their fanbase grew rapidly. In the midwest, the team that has been loved for so long, only got more popular.

     “It was really cool to get to see the trophy. My parents and family have been fans for a long time,” said Kenzie Bowlby (‘19).

     During the weeks following the end of the games, the team decided to start a Midwestern World Series Trophy Tour. Some of the stops on the tour in Illinois include Champaign, Bloomington, Freeport, Peoria and the latest location, Rockford. The championship prize made its way to the BMO Harris Bank Center on Jan. 8 where fans could go up and take individual or group photos with trophy. A few lucky students from Belvidere North were even able to go downtown and see it in person.

     “It was a once in a lifetime experience. Hopefully it’s not 108 years before it happens again,” said Johnathon Giesecke (‘19).

     If you still want to get your picture taken with the trophy, you might have to wait a couple months. Fans can still see it nearby at the upcoming annual Chicago Cubs Convention, but then it will continue on it’s tour into Indiana. On April 10, the World Series trophy will return for the Cubs home opener at Wrigley Field. Over the next few decades, fans can only hope that they will be able to see many more Cubs’ World Series trophies.