The Bachelor Week 2

The Bachelor Week 2

Lizzy Darling, Reporter

Another dramatic season of the Bachelor is back on Monday Nights.  Nick, who has been on Andy’s, Katelynn’s and season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is going for his fourth time to try and find love.

      Nick starts his week with a group date and takes the girls to experience their outgoing sides, each girl is dressed a bride to see their wedding photos with Nick.  They were competing to get more time with him, Corrine, a confident business owner, decided to take her wardrobe into her own hands and remove her top to seem more “adventurous”.

She then justifies her actions with “Corrine is just being Corrine”.  Taylor, who was dressed in a princess gown shared an intimate photo shoot with Nick and Alexis, or as many people reference her as Dolphin Girl, was a shotgun wife who had everyone entertained with her attitude.  In the end, Corrine left the date with Nick and met up with everyone else at the cocktail scene.  Every girl waits for their time with Nick where conflicts between girls arise.  At the end of the night, Nick gives his rose to Corrine and everyone feels that was unfair and because she took her top off.  

      The next day, Nick takes Danielle M on the first one-on-one.  A helicopter ride then lands on a yacht, where they spend most of their day.  That night they go to a closed down pier to talk about past relationships.  We find out that Danielle was engaged prior to the Bachelor but he suddenly passed away.  After a heartfelt conversation Nick offered her the rose and she accepted and they end the night on the Ferris wheel.  

      The third group date the girls had to fake break up with Nick.  Most were very humorous and and silly, but Liz’s.  Liz has met Nick nine months prior at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, and the show won’t let you forget because every five minutes she will say “I met Nick nine months ago at Jade and Tanner’s wedding”.  Her “breakup” with Nick was very profound and deep and shocked all the girls.  During the cocktail scene, Liz and Nick talked about their history and Nick did not see a future so he sent her home.  There was no rose on this date but after Liz left he realized that he would need to tell the other girls since one girl brought it up to him.  The show left on a cliffhanger with Nick trying to figure out how to tell the rest of the girls and worried that some of them would leave.    

      “This week’s episode really did not have to leave off on a cliffhanger, it was a good episode just think Corrine is crazy and they shouldn’t end it before the rose ceremony”, said Erin McKinney.   

      The preview of the next episodes shows multiple girls crying and confused and hurt by the situation that happened nine months ago.  In my opinion, the girls this year are super sensitive with what has happened in the past.  They all have past relationships and history’s with other people.  I think that they are overreacting to this situations.  

       Next week’s episode will air Monday, Jan 16, 2017 at 7p.m on ABC.