The Importance of Newspaper

The Importance of Newspaper

Matt Belinson, Reporter

 Journalism is and has always been the point of scrutiny and bias for years. When someone takes the role of being a journalist, they become the voice people hear and the info gatherers of the world. The class at North is not that intense in scale.

     The class at north is so important to take because it allows freedom to express thoughts and information freely and with creativity. Newspaper allows groups of sophomores, juniors and seniors to get along and share ideas about how to write stories with purpose.

     Most of the students in the class have taken it since sophomore year and continue to put in hard work. Sports, Editorials, News, Entertainment and Features all provide something for the students at North to read and learn.

     While most of the time, newspapers handed out on the end of the quarter are thrown away or rolled up, students take time to write, edit and print the newspaper for every school member to enjoy. No one is saying the newspaper has to enjoyed equally, but people should respect the time and effort put into every quote, word and picture printed.

      The class is a place for aspiring writers and future english majors to find the path for careers and dreams. Take the class and respect the students who are in it. If not, then appreciate the work they put in. Newspaper is the place for creativity at it’s finest.