New Movies of 2017

New Movies of 2017


     2016 had an overabundance of good films, and so far 2017 is shaping up to be just as, if not better in the movie department.

     2017 is featuring remakes, sequels and many original films, and a lot of them look like they could be box-office giants.

     The following list is are all movies that seem to have a large following and will most likely gain a large amount of revenue. A Dogs Purpose, Logan, The Lego Batman Movie, Beauty and The Beast, Kong: Skull Island and many more films.

     A Dogs Purpose is one of the movies, and is completely original. The main idea of the film is that dogs are so loyal that even when they die they’re reborn so that they can be with their old owners. Many animal fans seem to be excited for this film, however popularity has dropped in recent controversy on the dogs in the film being abused.

     Logan is the final film in the X-Man Franchise and will most likely be the first superhero film in 2017 to be Rated-R. The movie follows Logan as he protects a young mutant.

     The Lego Batman Movie is the second Lego Movie in the franchise and is a highly anticipated film. It is set in the same world as the original movie, and will feature Batman and Robin.

     Kong: Skull Island is one of the many remakes in 2017. It is a new version of the old movie, King Kong (2005). It seems to have a similar plot, with a brand new cast.

     Beauty and The Beast is a realistic remake of the animated Disney Princess movie that was originally made in 1991. It seems to be following the new Disney trend of remaking films to not be animated such as the remade “The Jungle Book” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” movies.

     These movies and many more will be coming out sometime this year, and will most likely be Box-Office Giants.