Radium Girls

Radium Girls

“ A humanitarian gesture. You’re waiting for us to die,” said Lisa Pilkington as Grace Fryer in Radium Girls.

   Radium Girls is a based on a true story and written by originally written  by D.W. Gregory.                            

      Some of the characters in the show are Grace Fryer, who is the main character played by Lisa Pilkington (‘19), Mr. Reorder played by Seth Lambright (‘17), Mrs. Fryer, Grace’s mother, played by Samantha Erb (‘19), Tom, Grace’s fiance, played by Gabriel Johnson (‘17) and many others among this great cast.

“ The cast was great to work with and i’m glad that so many people came and enjoyed it” said Lambright (‘17)

   The story begins with  Madame Marie Curie finding a cure for cancer and everyone is so ecstatic because they now have a cure. Then one by one, girls in the dial painting factory start to get sick and nobody knows why. When Grace Fryer gets sick because of the radium, she starts fighting the U.S. Radium Corporation that made her lick the paint brushes in order to get the dials painted. Arthur Roeder, the Plant manager, is completely dismissive of the idea that the radium did indeed cause his employees to get sick.

“ It was nice to see the different sides of everyone, because you normally see the comedic sides of things so it was nice to see the deep sides” said Sofia Zeman (‘19)

     After a couple trials and the death of one of her friends, Grace has to fight for money that she deserves and go through many financial issues, funerals and breaking an engagement. Grace is selfless and that is how she gets herself sick.