Why We Need Feminism


Cindy Oyervides, Reporter

      Feminism has been around for quite some time and women have been working towards being equal to men for years. Feminism is not about women being better than men, but being equal to them. Growing up as a female being told that you’re bossy when you are working hard, hearing people being insulted with “stop acting like a girl”, and having to act ladylike are all things that women experience. These things are just a few examples of the things women are tired of dealing with.

     Gender roles play a key role in why many people are feminists. Believing that men and women need to conform to unfair and pointless rules fuel people to want change. The idea that women are around to reproduce and serve the husband have been engraved in people for hundreds of years. While some people may not see a problem with a woman doing these things, others see it as unfair and outdated. Women are also expected to voice their opinion less in a house while males are expected to be the “man of the house”. Another pointless gender role pushed on people that most feminists are tired of being expected to follow.

     Being ladylike is something that women are told to do from a very early age. They are expected to be gentle, quiet, and submissive. When a woman wants to participate in a sport that’s viewed as masculine, people will view you as weird or incapable. To add, women are constantly shamed for being sexually active while males are praised and even congratulated for doing such things. Things that men get talked up for are viewed as bad for women to do and that’s a problem.

     While males also have to constantly worry about being muscular, society isn’t as critical or harsh on them for not fitting this visual. Women that don’t fit the very limited options for being “pretty” or “beautiful” are bullied and often times, end up harming themselves in hopes of one day being able to live up to this expectation. You hardly hear anything about men caring what size jeans another male wears, but with women it’s the complete opposite. Beauty is pushed on women far more than men.

     Another big problem is that women are believed to be helpless and fragile. Many fathers warn their daughters about going out late at night and tell them not to do that. The problem with this is that women are brought up with this idea that abuse and sexual assault is controlled by them and that if it happens it’s somehow their fault. Feminists believe that people should be brought up not sexualizing and objectifying women. Doing this leads to males and females desiring a body which can lead to assault. It is never a victim’s fault for being assaulted and they should never have to worry about people feeling like “they asked for it” or to “look at what they’re wearing”.

     While feminism focuses on issues that women experience, it’s all about the equality of the sexes. It all starts out with how a person is brought up and if it’s done under the wrong preconceived notions, these ideas of gender roles will continue. Pushing ideas that either gender needs to conform to unrealistic gender roles causes problems within each gender. Instead of raising a child with unfair morals, parents should raise their children believing that women and men are equal.